Our achievements

KAUST gardens in Jeddah


Minister for Higher Education and Research of the Emirate of ABU DHABI






Located on the banks of the Red Sea, this mixed university, of international dimensions, specialises in the field of scientific research.

The “King Abdullah University of Science and Technology” is one of the flagship projects in the Middle East. With its innovative design and technical complexity, this campus of 21 academic and administrative buildings, including basic research laboratories, is designed to achieve high environmental performance.
LEED certified project (LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) NC v2.2® Platinum. Today it is the largest LEED Platinum project in the world.

Missions of Oger

Complete Turnkey Project Management


Planted and irrigated area of 84,700 m2

To meet the LEED® requirements, a central irrigation management system, equipped with a weather station, daily updates the programming according to requirements.

Here are some figures relating to the plantations:
  - Palm trees: 10 species, 1,362 units
  - Trees: 29 species, 1,056 units
  - Shrubs: 32 species, 99,327 units
  - Climbing plants: 3 species, 220 units
  - Succulents: 5 species, 187,952 units
  - Covering and flowering plants: 8 species, 136,352 units
  - Grasses: 12 species, 82,794 units

Roads and Various Networks

Use of minerals and landscaping of esplanades. Treatment of rainwater running to the landscaped pools draining into the sea.

Reduction in water consumption

Economic water landscaping: use of local, indigenous plants to reduce irrigation demand. Re-use of treated wastewater for irrigating the green spaces.