The Group


The company has known how to develop,for over thirty years, a recognised expertise which allows it to share in the construction of many significant or high-technology projects throughout the world.

OGER INTERNATIONAL offers an original organisation, which brings the best experts together with clients’ requirements. This synergy of skills brings an innovative, reliable response to projects within a global cost perspective:


Its organisation is directed towards constant, dynamic anticipation. The wealth of its skill base allows it to extend its services over and above the simple area of construction: strategic environmental advice; sustainable development; project management using an abstract approach, by means of tools developed for construction, and effective in other processes.

The operational structure is based around the General Management in three main divisions:

information systems,
environment, technical expertise
project direction, project management to completion, client assistance, project savings, project steering,
schedule supervision and coordination
Supervision of the development of clients’ needs; supervision of the commercial potential; implementation of the company’s commercial policy

Its organisation in strategic centres of activity allow for the mobilisation and coordination of expertise, necessary for the success of the projects. These hubs also create opportunities for reflection, and the innovation essential for the constant renewal of our activities.