The Group

QSE policy




The guidance given to our Integrated Management System can be divided into three areas of excellence, each consistent with the company's strategy and respectful of its values: Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental & Energy Management.

To support this policy, OGER INTERNATIONAL committed, in accordance with the legal and contractual requirements (including in terms of security and environment), to implement the necessary human, technical and financial resources.

This policy defines the guidelines and sets the foundations and pace for continuous improvement allowing declining appropriate objectives.



Listening to and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers :

  • Understand customers' requirements, present expectations as well as future needs, to increase overall level of satisfaction.
  • Provide customers with valuable proposals and innovative architecture, technical, and sustainable solutions.
  • Offer superior and creative services, backed by operational efficiencies, while investing New Territories.
  • Deliver our core engineering expertise and services efficiently consistently monitoring quality, cost and time in accordance with the company's financial balances.
  • Maintain and enhance the company's excellence and technical acumen.
  • Develop human skills and strategic technologies without sacrificing our social responsibility and our status as corporate citizen.



Controlling occupational hazards and developing a culture of health and safety :

  • Provide secure working conditions for our employees (permanent, temporary, trainees) alleviating bodily harm and health damage. Integrate the H&S control in all our activities, and evaluate our investments in terms of health and safety prior to any financial commitment.
  • Control and address occupational risks identified in the "Unique Document for Risk Assessment" (DUER).
  • Involve employees (including management) in the H&S continuous improvement process.
  • Associate external companies and partners at the same level of requirement as our H&S commitments.
  • Deploy and certify OGER INTERNATIONAL's H&S Management System within all business units further to headquarters certification.
  • Set up a radiation safety management system for the activities of the Headquarters and get CEFRI-E certification.



Integrating environmental & energy impacts control within our activities :

  • Control our own activity's environmental impact (prevent pollution, minimize resources consumption and waste production), and evaluate our investments in terms of environment prior to any financial commitment.
  • Develop an environmentally friendly behavior within OGER INTERNATIONAL employees.
  • Control the environmental impacts of the works that we design during the Construction and Operation phases.
  • Provide Customers with offers for sustainable development, including integration and control of energy demand.
  • Encourage our partners, subcontractors and suppliers to adopt our commitments to sustainable development.
  • Develop an energy management system and obtain ISO 50001 certification.
  • Control our Energy use to reduce our consumption and continuously improve our Energy performance.