HR Policy

Internal mobility

On the lookout for future talent

What our Human Resources Manager says:

It's in recognition of its true value that OGER INTERNATIONAL designs its Human Resources management.

The keystone of our performance is the confidence we have in our employees, which gives them the motivation to help develop OGER INTERNATIONAL. By joining us, you will share in the overall performance of a company where the human dimension is fundamental.

We have a multitude of career opportunities on offer, as many in France as abroad, for those who wish to join a company rich in the diversity of its professions; and one which is deeply engaged in modernisation.

Men and women who join our teams are motivated by the desire to share the same values and to reach common objectives. Aware that their personal and professional fulfilment are OGER INTERNATIONAL's strength, we see each career path as individual, and of vital importance

  • by following the development of their skills through training throughout their professional lives, by adapting these skills to professional evolutions, or to innovative technologies,
  • and by encouraging internal mobility within the group, whether it be geographical or practical.

Joining us is to enter a world where performance and talent are inseparable.

We are putting everything in hand to attract the talent of the future; we look on our recruitment programme as a long-term investment, aiming to showing our appreciation of, and creating loyalty in, our future colleagues.

The encouragement of diversity, male/female equality , the involvement of Senior Citizens and disabled people, are some of the facets of our Human Resources policy, which sees humanity as the most important part of OGER INTERNATIONAL’s capital.

Joining OGER INTERNATIONAL is to develop in an environment which brings respect, tolerance and personal fulfilment together.

Useful documents to download: :

/ Action Plan for male/female equality 2012-2014 (PDF)

/ Non-Discrimination Charter (PDF)

/ Action Plan for the employment of Senior Citizens (PDF)


As a sign of dynamism within our organisation, OGER INTERNATIONAL facilitates and accompanies its employees in their quest for mobility, whether it's a change of profession or a geographical move (from France to another country).

Thanks to our internal mobility structure, OGER INTERNATIONAL aims, above all, to develop its employees' skills with new experiences throughout their professional careers.

The company's performance and cohesiveness rest on its employees' know-how and social skills. The identity of a business, just like that of an individual, becomes more solid and enduring if we challenge it, and make it re-invent itself.

OGER INTERNATIONAL invests between 2.5% and 3.5% of its total payroll on professional training, far beyond its legal obligations. A voluntary training scheme, a personalised response to employees' desires to develop - in France as well as internationally - and skills enhancement programmes, allowing them to rise to the challenges of tomorrow's engineering.

Many internships are on offer: technical (software, methodology); or personal development, with a view to evolving into diffferent responsibilities/careers (management, self-awareness, communication techniques, …).