Our distinctive strengths

Innovation policy

Since its creation in 1979, OGER INTERNATIONAL has distinguished itself by its innovative company model, reacting to developments in engineering, and to its clients' demands :

  • with expertise in all the building trades throughout its structure (building structure, techniques, OPC, decoration, architecture, MEP ...)
  • a strong project management culture, from the conception of the project through to its delivery
  • a grasp of British standards
  • membership of a group of highly-rated companies handling all stages of the building's life cycle.

Our organisation is also designed to take advantage of new means of development, and to increase our competitiveness in France as well as internationally:


Innovation with the BIM success and strategy factors.

Our development relies on our BIM expertise, and in organising information on the building project. We have a hundred of engineers, architects and BIM technicians, with a complete mastery of the procedures and working tools which lead to effective project management.

Every new project gives our experts the opportunity of devising new solutions, such as

  • synthesis under BIM
  • the development of the Virtual Witness®
  • assset management

BIM = Building Information Modelling


OGER INTERNATIONAL brings its clients its experience in the management of innovation

Every invitation to tender is an opportunity for our teams to submit an innovative proposal to our clients. Each technological, methodological or organisational advance benefits the client as much as his projects.
Our policy is to value practical, rather than theoretical, innovation. Our strategy is to favour innovation at the core of our projects.

Participating in innovation is a constant within our company.

Promoting innovation by rewarding the best ideas from our staff is the aim of the Innovation Committee which OGER INTERNATIONAL has established within its structure. With a participation rate of 18% and 15 awards for innovation in 2012, the shared innovation system within OGER INTERNATIONAL is highly satisfactory.

Innovation within OGER INTERNATIONAL forms an increasingly effective tool and management method:

schema oger

Lasting optimisation of the projects' global performance

Our commitment to a sustainable approach to development goes back to 2007, by:

  • The integration of the environment, then health and safety, into the Quality Management System, in France as well as in its branches
  • The creation of an Environmental Engineering directive, dedicated to the management of the project certification of QEB (LEED®, BREEAM®, HQE®) in construction and operating; assistance and advice to those involved in the building; integrating environmental requirements into their projects; chairing and coordinating project management teams and businesses with reference to the energy and environmental objectives of their operations.
  • Suppport in developing a specialised cross-discipline approach to the concept of energy-efficient buildings : studies of dynamic thermal, lighting and hygrothermal comfort (CFD) simulation…

In 2012, our excellence in serving the real estate sector was recognised by our admission to the prestigious RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors).