President's remarks

Our website aims to share and explain the dynamics of our organisation's development, the company's internal values, and a vision of a modern future as OGER INTERNATIONAL sees it.

OGER INTERNATIONAL's DNA came about thanks to a shared taste for challenges and the creative strength of our workforce.

The wealth arising from the generations of baby-boomers, X, Y and soon Z, is also the challenge at the heart of our organisation. The aim of working together to develop their well-being, added to our strong team spirit, directs the modern relationships and vision we want to build with and for our clients.

But vision cannot be kept apart from competivity. Taken together, they make up a number of factors which we are constantly improving: know-how, the social and economic environment, innovation and giving value.

Our business takes its lead from the cycle of life. By looking into the future, each stage of the life cycle of a building has to consider its impact on environmental, social and sanitation issues. This is the role of any responsible engineering company: making a commitment to its clients to help them progress their projects.

By mobilising all our energies and resources, we turn our vision into reality. OGER INTERNATIONAL knows how to react to the demands of new markets and economic models. The engineering of the future will make a full contribution to this.

Omar Joseph BAROUD

 O Baroud photo3