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You are a client, a project manager, a construction company or an industrialist. You are looking for an independent partner, capable of bringing a custom-made, multi-discipline expertise in technical and organisational, economic and legal, strategic and marketing areas, with the greatest possible reactivity.

OGER INTERNATIONAL offers you a unique package of help and advice, thanks to over 30 years of international experience in the fulfilment of significant projects, and with its unique triple culture: engineering, architecture, project management.

The company brings together, within its own organisation, all the expertise necessary for the handling of complex, high-technology projects. It provides you with experts capable of analysing your requirements and developing innovative solutions, aimed at:

  • reducing risks
  • enhancing performance, in line with a perspective of sustained development

OGER INTERNATIONAL is a leader in the field of project concept in the BIM environment, as well as 
in the mastery of international environmental terms of reference (LEED®, BREEAM®).

Samples of services on offer, in a 'win-win' partnership

Technical and organisational

  • Audit
  • Programming, master plan
  • Statutory and technical assistance
  • Commissioning of building
  • Training of users
  • Management of reserves
  • Information systems

Strategy and marketing

  • Organisation of project information
  • Environmental certificates
  • Decision-making support

Economic and legal

  • Value engineering
  • Handling of asset information
  • Contract analysis
  • Operation maintenance cost reduction
  • Approach to global performance