The Group


The development of OGER INTERNATIONAL

Oger International is a French construction engineering company, formed in 1978, and with international subsidiaries.


OGER, launched in 1950 by Marcel OGER, was one of the flagship general companies in France.


Bought in 1968 by the CAMPENON BERNARD group, OGER had specialised in the construction of high-rise buildings. OGER’s activities were strongly affected by the building recession, as a result of the 1973 oil crisis.


1977 marked a turning point: OGER embarked on the construction, within nine months, of a luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia. This operation was a complete success, and enabled OGER to establish its reputation in the Middle East.


On July 31, 1979, Rafic HARIRI bought into OGER, with particular interest in the company’s operations in Saudi Arabia.

This purchase created two companies :
OGER INTERNATIONAL, a French engineering company ;
SAUDI OGER, a general company in Saudi Arabia.

The principal, striking facts

The development of OGER INTERNATIONAL


Creation of a Project Development division, with the aim of :
- diversification of the client portfolio, so as not to rely solely on orders from SAUDI OGER, while at the same time prioritising Saudi Arabian projects
- obtaining the OPQIBI qualification, so as to conform to technical project management requirements for contracts in France
- enable our Clients to benefit from OGER INTERNATIONAL’s know-how and expertise, particularly in the areas of the hotel industry, hospitals, conference centres, etc.


  • Opening of the Moroccan branch: OGER INTERNATIONAL MOROCCO (OIM)
  • OGER INTERNATIONAL attains ISO 9001, version 94 certification.


When the euro is introduced, OGER INTERNATIONAL’s share capital is increased to €8 million, by means of an augmentation of capital through the partial incorporation of the balance brought forward.


OGER INTERNATIONAL achieves ISO 9001, version 2000 certification.


OGER INTERNATIONAL’s share capital is increased from €8 million to €15 million, to strengthen the stockholders' equity in the company, in view of the construction of its Head Office at Saint Ouen.


  • All staff move to the new Head Office at Saint-Ouen.
  • OGER INTERNATIONAL MOROCCO (OIM) attains ISO 9001, version 2000 certification.


  • The share capital is increased to €20 million to strengthen the stockholders’ equity, in view of the construction of a second building at Saint Ouen.
  • OGER INTERNATIONAL’s Head Office are certified to ISO 14001, version 2004.


  • Opening of the Tunisian branch, and creation of off-shore and on-shore subsidiaries: OGER INTERNATIONAL TUNISIA (OIT) and OGER INTERNATIONAL TUNISIA DEVELOPMENT (OITD).
  • OIM attains ISO 14001, version 2004 certification.


Opening of the Abu Dhabi branch: OGER INTERNATIONAL ABU DHABI.


  • Launch of PROJEXIA INTERNATIONAL, a French company wholly owned by OGER INTERNATIONAL.
  • OGER INTERNATIONAL TUNISIA attains ISO 9001, version 2008 and ISO 14001, version 2004 certification.


  • OGER INTERNATIONAL ISO 9001, version 2008 and ISO 14001, version 2004 are renewed, including for the OIM and OIT branches.
  • The company’s Head Office attains OHSAS 18001, version 2007 certification.


Opening of the Swiss branch in Geneva: OGER INTERNATIONAL SWITZERLAND.


OGER INTERNATIONAL has a new shareholder, the French company AMK CAPITAL INVESTMENT, who now holds 100% of the capital.